Phoenix-Wings has the goal to deploy highly automated fleets of cargo drones with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities for cargo applications. It’s drones combine the benefits of hovering quadcopters and cruising aircraft. The company is working with partners worldwide to realize and operate drone services for local needs and applications.

Core Competences

The highly experienced team covers the complete range of unmanned aircraft design to serial production, the development of subsystems and algorithms, as well as flight testing and operation.

Special focus lies on the core elements of high performance UAS

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Structural and Aerodynamic Design
  • Mission and Safety

A fast, mostly automated validation process combined with an interdisciplinary design process allows for robust application in short time.

Phoenix Wings Development Process

Manta Ray

Phoenix-Wings’ current demonstration system “Manta Ray” is a fully electric, heavy-lift and high-volume VTOL cargo drone. It features a blended-wing-body design offering room for a large payload bay and achieving high aerodynamic efficiency. Moreover, redundancies in sensors and control surfaces make this system safe and reliable. The “Manta Ray” is powered by the Phoenix-Wings inhouse software, which delivers superb performance and highly automated operation.

Wingspan 3.53 m
Length1.90 m
Hover rotor diameter0.74 m
Min. take-off mass25 kg
Max. take-off mass35 kg
Cargo volume30 liter
Manta Ray SR approaching to land | Image: The African Drone Forum

Operational Performance

The snap-in payload boxes are used to transport cargo but can also be used to install various other payloads, like cameras or other sensors, in a modular fashion. Manta Ray is designed for middle-to-long distance delivery missions in a variety of scenarios. There are currently two versions of the Manta Ray, a short range (SR) and a long range (LR) version.

Manta Ray SR
“Winner of LKC”
Manta Ray LR
Max. payload10 kg7 kg
Max. range75 km180 km
Range with max. payload60 km100 km
Typical delivery distance20-50 km40-120 km
Max. endurance55 min120 min
Cruise speed75-100 km/h80-100 km/h
Performance Figures
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