Manta Ray



Carry 10 kg over 55 km
7 kg over 95 km.



Ideal for bulky and high volume items.



Unique design for lasting impressions.

Manta Ray

When size matters, Manta Ray is the aircraft for you. It carries a large payload container to host your heavy items and features a unique blended wing-body design for elegance and efficiency alike. During its first public appearance at the Lake Kivu Challenge during the African Drone Forum, Manta Ray and Phoenix-Wings won the sample delivery and the innovation award.


Manta Ray can be configured as a short-range version to maximize on the cargo that can be taken, or as a long-range version to maximize on the range that can be travelled.

Short-range version

  • 10 kg of payload over 55 km
  • 80 km of maximum range

Long-range version

  • 7 kg of payload over 95 km
  • 120 km of maximum range

Both Configurations

  • 30 liters of cargo volume
  • 85 km/h average cruise speed
  • 10×10 meter pad area recommended for take-off and landing
  • Operates fully automatic from power-on to power-off


Depending on your application, Manta Ray comes with accessories you will need for its operation.

  • Ground control software to program missions
  • Remote control for manual operation
  • Telemetry base station


    Wingspan 3.53 m
    Length1.90 m
    Min. take-off mass25 kg
    Max. take-off mass35 kg
    Cargo volume30 liter
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