Rethink the delivery of small and urgent items.



Replace your heavy, fuel-consuming fleet of cars by small aircraft.



Ship small items with a VTOL drone. By the press of a button


Airlift was created to solve logistics problems for which conventional solutions are inefficient, expensive and slow. It is easy to set up, quick to learn and fun to operate. Airlift is your personal air cargo solution. A prototype of Airlift together with our Manta Ray aircraft won the Lake Kivu Challenge which was held during the African Drone Forum in Ruanda.


Phoenix-Wings will guide you through the process of initial setup. Whatever your requirements, we ensure to keep initial investment of both time and money low.

Program routes via our ground control software

Install our communication systems hardware

Get approval by a competent authority

Airlift support this process by its unique combination of features

  • Redundant data links, including 4G/3G/2G connectivity
  • UTM Integration for Altitude Angel and IDRONECT
  • Take-off and landing clearance with an easy-to-use remote control


Your time is valuable. Therefore, the delivery process is highly automated. You and your partners do not need to be aviators in order to operate Airlift. A few simple steps let you send and receive cargo. The cargo container is modular and finalized with the end user for best possible integration of Airlift into your existing logistics.


  • put cargo into the aircraft
  • clear aircraft for take-off


  • clear aircraft for landing
  • remove cargo from aircraft

Get Ready for the Next Trip

The aircraft will immediately configure itself for the return trip. Just swap the battery and clear it for take-off.

Airlift PWOne

Our development team is working hard to improve the capabilities of Airlift every day. At its current stage, Airlift uses our PWOne aircraft which empowers you to

Span up to 40 kilometers

Deliver at a speed of 60 km/h

Carry up to 500 grams per trip

Do not hesitate to contact us if your application requires longer range, heavier cargo or faster speed. We are happy to discuss with you solutions including Manta Ray.

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