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For ages, humankind has used its ingenuity and drive to connect remote parts of the world: overland, at sea, in the air. Now, we find ourselves on the brink of the next evolutionary leap of logistics: Automatic air cargo delivery. Connecting ever harder to reach places around the world. Faster than ever.

Cargo Network Using a Fleet of Highly Automated VTOL Drones


2022The first Phoenix-Wings Airlift with increased range and cargo capacity provides value to our customers.
2021Demo operations of an Airlift using PWOne validate the benefits of our VTOL drones when integrated into existing logistic chains.
2020We win the “Sample Pick-up Competition” and are awarded the special price for innovation at the Kivu Lake Challenge in Ruanda with an Airlift based on Manta Ray.
2019Manta Ray has its maiden flight and finishes the flight test campaign assessing its flight envelope.
2018Phoenix-Wings is founded in Munich.


With their vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) capabilities, our aircraft combine the long range of conventional aircraft with the ability to land almost anywhere, just like a multicopter. Our experienced team covers the complete range from unmanned aircraft design to serial production, the development of subsystems and algorithms, as well as flight testing and operation. Special focus lies on the core elements of high performance UAS:

  • Guidance, Navigation and Control
  • Structural and Aerodynamic Design
  • Mission and Safety

A fast, mostly automated validation process combined with an interdisciplinary design process allows for robust application in short time.

Munich Panorama


E-Mail: info@phoenix-wings.de

Phone: +49 89 9998716-6

Phoenix-Wings GmbH
Reichenbachstraße 1
85737 Ismaning

Our offices and workshops are located in Ismaning, right between Munich main station and Munich airport.

Image: Based on OpenStreetMap and MVG data

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Technische Universität München
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